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Project Perfection

About Us

Ryan Hunter has been mowing lawns and doing snow removal for 7 years now. It was as simple as that and scratching a young entrepreneurial itch, back in grade 6 for Ryan. But now, it has grown into much more than that, offering all your outdoor maintenance, lawn care and garden design needs with the superior quality of the Project Perfection touch.

Back in the beginning, Ryan had also got a job for a large commercial company through a friend and they offered the same services to plazas, buildings and the homes of the store owners they serviced. At this young age, he was by no means running the operations there, but day by day, he was gaining the knowledge and funds needed to invest back into the Project Perfection vision. However, most importantly he was growing the passion to want to create and maintain beautiful landscapes and lawns.

Ryan believes learning at a young age with an open mind, both on his own and from people who have been in the industry for 30 + years, he was able to see what could be done better to improve service for the client and provide a more personalized service. He also strongly believed that he would bring the industry to the next level of creativity and refinement in a new generation of lawn care/landscapers. That’s what Project Perfection’s intentions are. Each client gets the Project Perfection promise that we will be committed to achieving their satisfaction and providing quality service.

These innovations span from professionalism and uniforms to innovations, to the machine replacing physical labor to keep mental sharpness and discipline and much more. We don’t overlook over any part of our business and we spend an immense amount of time planning and creating systems that demand a higher quality than the prior industry standards. Furthermore, we implemented software and better customer support systems to get you the info you may need or may have to call for, before you have to call us at all. This way you’re always 100% in the loop about how your property is doing or if there’s something you should know.

Over the years, Ryan and his team have gone from students, from “the boys cutting my lawn” to a team of highly trained and passionate lawn care specialists and landscape experts that provide services of a wide variety with impeccable precision and have become the go-to for the best quality service. After years of servicing hundreds of properties across Vaughan, Toronto, Brampton, Nobleton, King and Richmond Hill. Ryan and his team are more sure than ever that they are doing what they love. From interacting with beloved clients, we see how happy our service makes them and how beautiful we make not just a singular home, but as the neighbors begin to trust their lawns in our hands, entire neighborhoods get the Project Perfection touch that we are so proud of.

Locations We Serve

  • Kleinburg
  • Woodbridge

  • Nobleton
  • King

  • Toronto
  • Brampton

  • Maple
  • Richmond Hill

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